The core of the Birgitta Festival is atmosphere


The genius loci of Pirita Abbey and a programme combining music and performing arts blend into a complete whole. There is no other festival like it on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Over 8,000 people gather every year at this ancient bend in the river. They dive into a magical world of sounds for a few days. The audience of a thousand faces at the Birgitta Festival is a phenomenon in its own right. It’s the atmosphere in particular that brings them here with its festiveness, its countless joyous encounters and its unique lighting designs.


Operas and ballets, oratorios and galas, Tosca and La Traviata, Bolero and Swan Lake, renowned luminaries and outrageous experiments, visiting stage productions and our own productions, classics and contemporary works – the Birgitta Festival manages to join them all together. Here, close to the sea that emanates tranquillity, the world’s top artists and the great names of the future have performed. They recall for years to come the medieval walls towering in the sunset, the softness of summer nights, walks by the light of the moon and by torchlight, bright wine-red rugs, and the thoughtful echo of church bells. Creative artists and spectators blend into one in enjoying summer evenings. Naturally, on top of all this, subtitles, comfortable loges, cosy cafés and a la carte restaurant PURI serve the public. A roof offers protection from the elements. Art wins.